strung up sorrow

by shannon jae ridout

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All songs original and copyrighted. About half the songs were written in the past year and the other half are some of my favorites from a while back, all of them, however, are quite melancholy... hence the album being entitled, strung up sorrow, which is my favorite description I've heard of my music and the credit goes to my husband, Nicholas Ridout, who coined the term. This album and every musical endeavor I embark upon is dedicated to his life and memory.


released January 1, 2014

Recorded and Mixed by Justin Dye, in Ashland, Oregon.



all rights reserved


shannon jae ridout New Orleans, Louisiana

Other projects include Sourmash Melodies, Spitshine and The Teardrop Trio.

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Track Name: Hello Mourning
the hobo in my head
he silently said
you ain't gonna find what you want
until you're dead

so i've been a runnin'
this whole life through
every road i take
leads me back to you

hello mourning
my old friend
hello mourning
this is the end

my momma knows
my soul
like the sound
of poppa's rocking chair

and if you want me
honey come and find me
way out in the back country
i'll be there

hello mourning
my old friend
hello mourning
this is the end

all these ghosts in my head
just won't let me go
they've got me all chained down
for the circus show

with all these things in my life
that i just don't want to see
like how i've become
my own worst enemy

hello mourning
my old friend
hello mourning
this is the end
Track Name: Unwritten Scripts
beloved memories the barren seas
forgotten hopes the weeping willow trees
the blood red stains upon your knees
why you runnin with your hand full of keys

the newspapers say you locked your heart into a chest

the wind it whispers an old refrain
my heart overflows, it overflows with the rain
each drop of he loves me, he loves me not
we live in a land of wild forget me nots
Track Name: Terrible Tune
pendulum swing my bloody heart that rings
falling failing thoughts that sink
time is haunting you
and all the things that you do

my love when you're out on the road
i'll always be sleeping alone
my soul has never been this broken
my thoughts never this true

oh darling
i care for you
i wrote a terrible tune
to carry you through

its an I for and I
we were selfish all the time
two broken souls trying to make it through
this sick old world and all the things that we do

we walked and tread a dusty road
forgotten so very long ago
with every demon out of the depths of hell
a whispering words and snaring our trail

twisted threads never mend just right
our hearts need so much patching tonight
my love somehow it just aint right
to be so dark you can't even see the light
Track Name: Loneliness
who are you
you said to me
i am nobody
you'll ever see
i pricked my finger
by a nail
each drop of blood
whispers you fail
what is it
that my mouth speaks
when the woods are quiet
my head still creaks
there's something bothering you
as silence creeps
right through the room
i hear a heartbeat quiet
another star
fades away its light
i done wrong
right through my soul
ain't been hurt enough
i'm beggin for more
who are you
you said to me
i am nobody
you'll ever need
Track Name: Let There Be No Trouble
once there was a mountain
it stood so tall, stood so tall
but the valley came with the wind
oh it made it fall, made it fall

let there be no trouble
no trouble in your soul

way back in 1890
the streets were mud, the streets were mud
you hear those tears of water
you hear those tears of blood

the dust came with the wind
you couldn't see, couldn't see
way down and out and back again
singing you'll be free, you'll be free

you've been through so much
you can't go on, can't go on
you're a tired old moon
in search of a dawn
Track Name: Wishbone
the land was siezed fallen trees
you had my heart in your hands
all alone hoping on a wishbone

you broke into a bloodied mess
with the delicate touch of a flower
all alone hoping on a wishbone

the grasslands were taken by a hungry flame
as the ocean it swallowed a lovely dame
all alone hoping on a wishbone

that nightingale mourned oh mourned its tone
to an empty sky with no moon for light
all alone hoping on a wishbone

the splinters in your hand they fell away
the thorns in your feet made you kneel and pray
all alone hoping on a wishbone

a deer stopped and stared you in the eyes
a shot rang through the darkness the deer did die
all alone hoping on a wishbone

when you walk past the old oak tree
take my body back to my family
all alone hoping on a wishbone